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Settlement Piņķi - Comfort and modern times

Settlement Piņķi is younger than Riga only for 25 years.

In 1201 the Bishop Albert put the first stone in the basis of fortress of Riga.
And in 1225 "the top people" - the richest merchants – began to look for the safe place where it is possible to transport their families.

So the village Pinos (tr. Pines - Latin) has been founded.
Advantages are obvious: since ancient times the curative properties of pine air have been known. Besides "not far from working place": only 15 kilometers to the Riga harbor.

Over time the village Pinos has turned into the settlement Piņķi.

The settlement is situated 500 m to the administrative border of Jurmala and 2 km to the edge of Riga in Babite parish. It means that the property tax is 5-8 times less than in Riga and Jurmala: depending on an area of the house it may be only 120-170 EUR per annum!
The building are located along the two new streets Bezdelīgu (Sparrow) street and Cīruļu (Lark) street.

The projects of the buildings has been developed by the German architectural bureau and corresponds to the new European standards of heat losses. The walls are made of gas-concrete and insulated by 100 mm stone wool that makes the buildings very warm and provides the low costs for heating.

Every house is equipped with automatic gas boiler Viessman that lets to set the most comfortable and cost-effective heating mode.

Despite location in a row the houses don’t share the walls. The neighboring walls have a clearance between them that gives the ideal soundproofing.

All the engineering networks and its service are municipal: gas-line system of Latvijas Gāze, electricity of Latvenergo, city plumbing and sewage, fiber-optic cable for internet of Lattelecom, water supply of Babite governance – so the residents don’t have any problems with service!

Except a low tax the rural district gives lower quotations on gas, water and sewerage – the general utility payments for the house (gas, light, water, sewerage) is about 0,5 euro for 1 sq.m. on average in a year (90-100 euro a month for the house).

In the settlement the additional benefits for its inhabitants are provided: the closed playground where it is possible to get in only with the chip of the owner of the house and also the closed forest park for walks.

In the village there is an unique infrastructure. Except usual kindergarten and high school it has:

  • International School of Latvia, where qualified teachers from USA, Great Britain, Russia, Venezuela  give to children the qualified education in 4 languages, since preschool age;
  • The international school Exupery – education in French, English, Russian and Latvian (teachers are the French, British, Russians, Latvians, Slovaks)
  • The British international school King's College – education in the British English (teachers are from Britain);
  • Babite Music School;
  • School of Watercolor;
  • Dance School;
  • golf club with two fields (on 18 holes and on 9 holes);
  • an indoor ice rink with sections of hockey and figure skating;
  • 25 m swimming pool;
  • the covered horse arena and the platform for a dressage, stables for keeping of the horses belonging to residents of the settlement;
  • the lake with the route of the wakeboard and water skis;
  • two football fields with a synthetic and with a natural grass;
  • skate park;
  • in a radius of 5 km there are three tennis centers with indoor courts;
  • 3 km to aqua park;
  • health centers (all doctors speak Russian!) and stomatology;  
  • 3 malls, drugstore and 2 restaurants




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